Your Library Has A Lot to Offer You

With back-to-school in full swing, students and parents should check out the great resources provided at their public library.

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As we head back to school, students need to consider the resources they have. One should always consult the student’s teacher before venturing into a costly endeavor like tutoring, but there are many free resources available at your local library that you may not know about. 
Part of your tax money goes to your public library where you can borrow books and periodicals. But, in this new technological age, the libraries can do much more!
Here are some of the great things the libraries can do for you and your student.
  • Library Programs: Libraries have been offering more and more programs for K-12, as well as adult programs. Book clubs, Mommy and Me classes, or teen nights are hosted at many libraries.
  • A Study Space: It can be really difficult getting work done at home with so many stimulating things to do. Libraries offer many desks and tables. Now, they offer wifi so you can use your own laptop computer or tablet. 
  • ebook Rentals: Ereaders are very convenient and save everyone shelf space, but they do cost money. Many libraries on the island have a system of renting books through your ereader. Don’t have an ereader, some libraries will let you rent one too!
  • Database Access: While researching for classes, libraries subscribe to many websites that provide articles and information from peer reviewed documents.
  • SAT/ACT Prep: Many libraries offer SAT/ACT prep in the form of classes and online tutoring system. Some libraries vary with the SAT/ACT prep classes; you might have to purchase text or pay of fee. Generally, the online version of the prep class is free.
  • Live Librarian: This is a great feature for many libraries. It is a 24 hour service for anyone needing assistance in finding resource material. 
  • Free Admission to Museums: Check your local library to see if they offer free admission to local museums. Usually, they are in short supply of them, but you can enjoy your local museums for free or discounted.
  • Homework Help: Many libraries offer a service where students can go online and receive free online tutoring. For those writing papers, you can submit an essay for feedback on where improvement is needed.
  • Stream Movies: Some libraries have subscriptions to websites where you can stream movies on your computer in the comfort of your own home.
  • Free Music: Free books, free movies, and now free music to download. Generally, downloads are limited per week. Check your library’s availability, but this is a great way to expand your music collection.
Not all libraries have the resources above, but even in such a technological age, libraries are keeping up with us.
Do you know any other great resources at your public library? Tell us about it in the comments below.