Plan the Perfect Girls’ Outing for National Sisters’ Day

Remind your sister how much you appreciate her and care about her with these simple ideas.

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Sunday, August 3 is National Sisters’ Day, a day that was started for those with sisters to show appreciation for their special relationship with a bond that runs deep, past occasional arguments and bickering.  Treat each other to something fun and relaxing, and let your sister know that you appreciate her role in the family, either as an older sister who watched out for you as a kid, or a younger sister who maybe was the baby of the family, but always made everyone laugh.  Get back in touch with your sister and plan the perfect way to have a heart-to-heart with her.  We broke up ideas for Sisters’ Day activities by age group, but only you know you and your sister and can decide what will be the most fun for your outing together.

Teens: The teen years are tough, so plan small and enjoy the little things with your sister.  Treat her to a slice of pizza, some frozen yogurt, a movie, or a round of mini golf.  If you are short on funds, hit the beach during the day, and then plan a night in to whip up a dessert with ingredients from around the house.  You can even make it a salon night to try new hairstyles together, share makeup tips, and take some much-needed me-time to do your nails.  Though the teen years can be some of the most difficult years to get along with your siblings, know that you will move past it and that later on, your sister may become one of your best friends.

Young Adults: Chances are you may be going to college, putting lots of time into a job, or starting a family, and you and your sis might not get a lot of time alone together.  Plan a night out to a bar or nightclub, or maybe a more quiet, private place such as a local restaurant where you can talk and talk into the late hours of the night.  Early adulthood is also a great time to start pulling out the old photo albums – you are not as mortified of the pictures of yourself as a child as you were when you were in your teens, and now you can laugh and enjoy the memories.

Adults:  Take a break from your job, hire a babysitter for the kids, and take some much needed time for yourself and your sister away from the chaos of everything else.  Going wine tasting makes for a perfect afternoon activity, especially since there are so many vineyards around Long Island, so you can choose how far you would like to drive to sip local wines and get some private time.  If you are short on time, at least plan a quick brunch together, or even grab a cup of coffee to just chat and let your sister know that you are thinking of her.