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Be the Change You Seek – Volunteer! - by D.A.Kasimakis

Volunteering with a, animal rescue group - There are so many different little things we can do, but they make a huge difference in the big picture.

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I am approaching this subject in a personal way, because it is personal for me. Much of my opinion has been formed by personal observation, from reading, watching the news and comments I have read on message boards dealing with the subject of pet fostering and adoption. I must interject a small bit of my opinion in this important issue of pet rescue, re-homing. So much of the subject seems to be common sense, that it’s scary to think about the direction civilization is headed for.

There is the question of why anyone would choose to breed any animal in a world where pet euthanasia is rampant. Many reading this will ask this question. Many reading this will be learning this for the first time and others will be chiming in with the choir. This does seem obvious. It is illogical for more pets to be born, only to be killed so quickly. I have always been confused by this action. It isn’t like the information about euthanized pets is kept secret. America is not a NO KILL nation. We love animals, but we let them be murdered every day in cities, towns and municipal shelters that use our tax dollars to do it? How embarrassing is that? My answer is, “I will not just stand by and watch this.”

Information is readily available all over the world. It’s very hard for me to believe that humans, people that claim to be animal lovers, could be so busy they can’t help in any tiny way. I’m aware of all the tragedies, emergencies and celebrations in people’s lives. We all have them. These daily happenings are part of life, but, I really have a hard time wrapping my thoughts around so many saying, “it is not my thing”. How sad is that? Fellow stewards of all living things on our planet Earth are too busy to be bothered by the torment, torture, abuse and final murder of family pets, when they are no longer wanted.

I must reiterate these are my personal opinions on this subject. I can only account for and control my own actions. I also must say how glad I am that I am not one of those types of persons that are so busy to ignore or empathize with an innocent animal in need. I must have a very busy conscience. I wouldn’t feel comfortable if I did nothing, even though I can’t do as much as I would like to, because I cannot convince those who are so detached from compassion.  My wish, my hope is when folks become aware of information, and become aware of new insights, they will open their hearts, their minds and improve this deadly situation. For it is a deadly situation for the thousands of family pets dumped, abandoned, abused and neglected by the humans that are the care takers, the very people who claim to be animal lovers, of these trusting, innocent beings that have no choice in their own existence, future or life.

There is a wake up call. Can you hear it? Will our collective future be a compassionate one? I hope so, otherwise we are not the loving people we claim to be.  I heard that call and didn’t know what I could do to help. It could happen that fast. It was just that fast for me to become the proactive animal lover I always claimed I was. It started with networking the calls for help on FACEBOOK.  Then, I promoted rescue groups at an event. The next move I made was to become a pet foster parent and now, our family has adopted a dog rescued by a Long Island animal welfare and rescue group  -  -   which we are volunteering for, as well. Never in my wildest dreams would I ever have imagined doing any of this. The future for these pets can change if we help, if we care, if we just do one little thing. It is a “spit in the ocean” in time for us. It is the difference between life and death to these unwanted abandoned family pets. Each and every one of you reading this can change something in the next moment, the next hour, next day.

If you would like to make a change that fits into your life style, checkout animal rescue groups where ever you live. I bet there is one near you. Even if it is sharing a conversation, that is more than most will do. Post a flyer, tell a friend,. Many of us can’t have pets living with us for one reason or other, but we can walk a dog or play with a cat, if you volunteer at a local animal shelter in your area. These facilities are always in need of everything. Even donations of old towels, paper towels, water bowls and cable runs for outreach dogs of rescue groups, that are confined outside 24/7, 365,  are welcome. The need for community support and donations is so great, with most shelters working with no budget, no permanent staff and all volunteers. There are so many different little things we can do, but they make a huge difference in the big picture. If you can’t volunteer, but you want to sponsor a pet, you can contact any local rescue group or shelter and financially pay to help house a pet of your choice in your local area in the world. If you are on Long Island, has a great pet section -  -  for your convenience. The value a civilization places on the ones who cannot speak is a reflection of the value they place on themselves. The next moment is the rest of a rescued pet’s life. Will you be the one who steps up to the plate and helps to save a life today? The choice is yours.