Disabled Veterans Join Disaboom: The Social Network For The Disabled


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It's been around for less than six months, but I can tell you from firsthand experience if you have a disability, or know someone that does, this is one site that is a must. I had been searching for an application for over year. In less than half a day, members of Disaboom (


) were able to provide me with the name of three different vendors who made the product I was looking for; a product that even the VA couldn't find.


Disaboom, Inc. was founded to develop the first interactive online community dedicated to constantly improving the way people with disabilities or functional limitations live their lives. It will also serve as a comprehensive online resource not only for people living with such conditions, but also their immediate families and friends, caregivers, recreation and rehabilitation providers, and employers. There are more than 54 million American adults living with disabilities or functional limitations today in the United States alone. Founded and designed by doctors and fellow Disaboomers to meet this untapped market's specific needs, Disaboom brings together content and tools ranging from specialized health information to social networking to daily living resources, in a single interactive site.

Among the many areas Disaboom offers, are specifically built "destinations," including:



that allow community members to post questions and answers, explore issues, and share experiences;



that showcase the diverse, passionate, and highly individual points of view found within the dynamic disability community;


Medical articles

written by nationally recognized clinicians that not only explain diagnoses but also are updated regularly with the latest research findings;


Lifestyle articles

and information to help navigate such key issues as living with a disability, health and fitness, traveling with a disability, sports and recreation, creating an accessible home, and using assistive technology for greater independence;



of athletes, parents, entertainers, and other high-achieving individuals who have excelled in their chosen field;


Live chat

, allowing community members to contact other members in real time;


Employment services

to support both employers and job-seekers in their goal to create or find productive employees/employment;


Community-written reviews

of restaurants, retailers, cultural establishments, and other venues, searchable by locale; and,


Dynamic videos

that showcase people with disabilities doing what they do best, living life to the fullest.

This Week's Not Commented on Topic - Here We Go Again

PEAKE IN DENIAL: SAYS PROPOSED 2009 VA BUDGET IS SUFFICIENT -- VA Secretary says White House proposal would be sufficient to meet the growing demands of veterans of a protracted Iraq war. VA Secretary James Peake says the proposed 2009 VA budget is fine. He is just another version of former VA Secretary Jim Nicholson. He will say what he's told to say... truth or not. You may recall that Jim Nicholson also testified before Congress that the VA budget was adequate... until Senators pinned him down and he had to admit there was a huge shortfall. I often wonder where they get these people. Is there a factory somewhere that turns out these clones with no conscience? Are they screened to make sure they don't know how to tell the truth? The only difference between Peake and Nicholson: Peake is smoother, more smug and a better liar. The 2009 VA budget proposal is a disaster. Peake has promised (a promise impossible to keep) to reduce waiting times to process a disability claim... the real story is his statement about a "sufficient" budget.

--- Regards, Walt Schmidt