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It started several years ago as a test. Last year you could renew your prescriptions online, albeit only by Rx number with the medication name nowhere to be found. However, by the end of this year you will be able to: see the medication name; view your Appointment Schedule; print a copy of your blood test results, and; request copies of progress notes. How many other "plans" can say the same?

What Must Be First Done

Just four easy steps and you are on your way.

1. Be registered in MyHealtheVet (


2. View an eleven-minute video on the MyHealtheVet web site at home, in the Patient Library in Bldg 12 of the Northport VA Medical Center, or in the Patient Education Center off the Pavilion (Bldg 200) Lobby.

3. Sign a participation form. You can print it after watching the video. By signing the participation form, you agree to be responsible for the security of your personal information by not: sharing your User ID or password with others; allowing others to look at your personal information on the screen, or; leaving any personal information on a printer, at a copy machine, etc.

4. Come to the Release of Information Office in Building 200, Room B1-7 with your signed form and your VIC card or your driver's license.

To facilitate Step-Four, the Release of Information Office is open on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 8:30 to 11:00 AM. Also during these hours a Volunteer will be in the Patient Education Center off the Pavilion Lobby, in the hallway between Outpatient-Pharmacy and the coffee stand. The Volunteer will help you to: register for MyHealtheVet if you have not already done so; view the video and sign the form, and; discover everything on the MyHealtheVet website!

And As Needed

At other times you may use MyHealtheVet on computers in the Patient Library in Building 12, or in Bldg 200 Unit 23 Day Room on the right as you enter the unit.

Any questions, contact M. Lynn Griffith, Patient Education Coordinator, 631.261.4400 ext. 7773, with questions.

--- Regards, Walt Schmidt