Long Island Medium

TLC’s latest hit, Long Island Medium,  is about a woman, Theresa Caputo, who lives on Long Island. This reality show debuted back in 2011 and is based in Hicksville. Caputo claims to be a medium who can communicate with the dead. The show focuses around Caputo’s interactions during private and group readings.
From her website, Caputo has always lived in Hicksville and she is married to her husband of 24 years, Larry. The couple has two children together. Caputo says that she began seeing spirits when she was 4-years-old after her mother advised her to see a spiritual healer after suffering from anxiety. Caputo has been a practicing medium for the past 10 years and is a certified medium with the Forever-Family Foundation. She wishes to help heal people after a loss of a love one and help them find closure. 
She even had a book come out in October 2013 where she discusses the challenges she faced when accepting that she had her gift. She explains how her mediumship works, what happens when one dies, what Heaven is like, and many other details about the roles of God and family members in the afterlife. 
Whether you have your doubts about Caputo’s abilities or not, her dynamic personality and interaction with her family will pull any TV watcher in.
Her show is in its 5th season and airs each Sunday at 9/8c on TLC.

Video Courtesy of TLC's YouTube Page
Photo Courtesy of theresacaputo.com


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