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Long Island Curling

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Curling is a relatively obscure sport that has recently gained a lot of attention and popularity on Long Island.  The sport, similar to bowls, boule and shuffleboard, requires its players to slide granite stones across a 145-foot sheet of ice towards a target of concentric circles.  The game is played in teams, each with eight stones, with the purpose of earning the most points by resting the stones as close to the center of the "house," the circular target marked on the ice.  After each team has thrown all their stones, they have completed an "end," and each game consists of eight to ten "ends."

Curling is believed to have been invented in Scotland.  The first written record of sliding stones on ice comes from the Paisley Abbey in 1541.  A curling stone with the date 1511 inscribed on it was found in Scotland when a pond was drained in Dunblane.  

Curling has been an event at the Winter Olympic Games since 1998.  However, the first olympic medals in curling were awarded in 1924 to Great Britain and Ireland, Sweden took silver and France took bronze.  

The Long Island Curling Club practices and competes in the sport of curling representing the island in national competitions.  Check out the Long Island Curling Clubs official website to find membership details.

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