Super Bowl Sunday Events 2014: Are You Ready For Some Football?

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The Seattle Seahawks and the Denver Broncos will be going head to head at this year's Super Bowl XLVIII. So check out the local events ...

Super Bowl XLVIII will be taking place on Sunday, February 2nd at the MetLife Stadium in New Jersey. You might not have tickets for this Super Bowl, but you might still want to enjoy watching the game. Long Island is lucky enough to have a lot of Super Bowl events going on Super Bowl Sunday!

Maybe you do not enjoy football that much, but remember that at many of these events there is great food and drinks that can be enjoyed. Also, you can look forward to the famous Super Bowl commercials. 

So check out some of the great events going on Long Island on February 2nd!

Do you know of any great Super Bowl Events? Tell us in the comments below!

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