Plan to Replace Old Cars on LIRR Approved: New Fleets Will Have Wi-Fi

Written by Joe Randazzo  |  19. September 2013

Train cars that are more than thirty years old on the Long Island Rail Road and Metro North are being replaced. The old styled fleets are considered antiques both technologically and aesthetically. Long Island Rail Road President, Helena Roberts said in a news conference these old trains don’t have the diagnostics to do quick repairs. Some of the damages on them can be seen to have have been fixed with duct tape.
Governor Cuomo approved a $2 billion contract on Wednesday for the new cars. The MTA will receive 676 new cars for the two railroad systems. This will replace half the cars in the system and get rid of all 180 of the M-3 cars.The cars will feature more seats that are roomier, wi-fi, electrical outlets in all rows, better air conditioning, and larger windows. The middle seats on these trains will also be wider.
While the new improvements are supposed to be commuter friendly, some have other issues they would like tackled:
“As long as it gets me into the city every day when I’m supposed to get there, I really don’t care. Any improvement is nice, any luxury is nice,” a commuter named John tolds CBS news. “We need more seats, these trains are getting very crowded now and they’ve got to do something with all the people’s luggage.”
“I don’t think it’s needed,” another rider said. “I think we should spend our money in other places.”
With new comfort comes a price. The plan would mean a $1.8 million contract between the fleet’s manufacturer, Kawasaki, and the MTA. The new cars have not been designed yet but they will be introduced in 2017. The Commuter Council is taking suggestions for the new trains such as tinted windows and upgraded armrests that will have cup holders.
[Source: CBS]

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