Snow Shoveling: Tips for Winter’s Worst Chore

Written by Eric Anderson  |  03. January 2015

It’s a chore that has to be done at some point every winter. Whether we get several feet of snow or just a few inches by the end of the season, it’s almost guaranteed that we will have to pick up the shovel and start hauling snow.
So when the time time does come, here are some tips to help you get this mundane chore completed ASAP:
Remember to avoid shoveling the same snow more than once. Before you even begin shoveling snow, know where it’s going and how to move the snow the shortest distance possible.
Shoveling snow can definitely be a workout. Taking a few minutes to stretch before and after shoveling will not only make the job easier but may also save you from an injury.
Clean cars first
This seems obvious but can be easy to forget.
Use proper technique adn posture
This is another important way to help avoid injury and make the job easier on your body. Use your leg muscles to lift the snow and your shoulders to dump it - keeping as little weight on your back as possible. Also avoid any twisting or jerking motions.
Don’t dress too warm
While it is cold out you will still break a sweat so don’t wear any more layers than necessary.
Use the right amount of salt
Using too much salt isn't necessarily a good way to get rid of ice. It can track into your house, and de-icer manufacturers actually say that less is more when it comes to using salt.
Get the job done in intervals
If possible, shovel snow a few inches at a time as it storms. If you let the snow pile up, the job will be much more time consuming. Also, take breaks as you go if you’re dealing with a lot of snow.
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