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Pictured is one of the many strange road names on Long Island. Gingerbread Rd is located in Kings Park. Photo credit: Google Maps.

Taking a drive along Long Island is not only an adventure because of all the unique roadside attractions, but because there is so much to explore with the many villages and towns. Some villages and towns on Long Island have the strangest road names you’ll ever come across. We’re talking about road names like Claus Avenue, Mattituck’s Love Lane, Prince Charming Rd and there’s many more! As you discover Long Island, you’ll also find it has several strange laws.

Discover all the oddities of Long Island through the the bizarre routes and road names on Long Island! There are some that are whimsical while others may play a part in defining the haunted history of real haunts on Long Island.

Strange Long Island Road Names and Where They're Located

  • Bread & Cheese Hollow Rd – Northport
  • Clause Ave – Riverhead
  • Corner of Drew and Barrymore – Franklin Square
  • Dump Rd – Lake Placid
  • Enchanted Forest Rd – Kings Park
  • Execution Rock – Oyster Bay
  • Fish Path - Brentwood
  • Fish Thicket Rd – East Patchogue
  • Flint-Lock Path – Smithtown
  • Ginger Bread Rd – Kings Park

Pictured above is Honeysuckle Rd in Levittown. Photo credit: Google Maps.

  • Honeysuckle Rd – Levittown
  • Hungry Harbor Rd - Valley Stream
  • Idle Hour Blvd - Oakdale
  • Mark Twain Lane – East Setauket
  • Magnolia Ave – Lake Grove
  • Love Lane – Mattituck

Pictured above is an area of real haunts on Long Island. Mount Misery Drive is located in Sag Harbor. The path has had its share of ghostly tales. At its farthest point are thick woods. Many who have passed by have claimed to feel eeriness around the surrounding. Interestingly though, Mount Misery Drive was not named because of that. Back in the times, it was an area known to locals as unfarmable land and because of the steep hills, it made trekking across it “miserable,” according to Weird U.S. Photo credit: Google Maps.

  • Mount Misery Drive – Sag Harbor
  • Old Shelter Rock Rd – Roslyn
  • Pond Rd - Ronkonkoma

Pictured above is Prince Charming Rd in Nesconset. Photo credit: Google Maps.

Prince Charming Rd - Nesconset
Raccoon Rd – Mattituck

Pictured above is the intersection of Race Lane and Railroad Ave in East Hampton. Photo credit: Google Maps.

  • Race Lane – East Hampton
  • Railroad Ave – East Hampton
  • Railroad St - Riverhead
  • Ram Pasture Rd – Hampton Bays
  • Round Swamp Road - Old Bethpage
  • Schoolhouse Rd – Levittown
  • Shelter Rock Rd - Manhasset

Pictured above is Skunks Hollow Rd in St. James. Photo credit: Google Maps.

Skunks Hollow Rd – St. James
Skunk Lane – Cutchogue
Skunks Misery Rd – Locust Valley

Pictured above is the intersection of Storyland Lane and Mark Twain Lane in Setauket. Photo credit: Google Maps.

  • Storyland Lane - Setauket
  • Straight Path – Huntington Station

Pictured above is a path down Sweet Hollow Rd in Huntington. On this road sits a haunted overpass, according to legend. There’s stories of the school bus accident where everyone on the bus was killed when it skidded off the bridge. There’s also the one where drivers who have dared to park their vehicle under the bridge have oddly felt movement. Additional legend and other real haunt stories are bountiful on Long Island. Photo credit: Google Maps.

  • Sweet Hollow Rd – Huntington

Pictured above is Three Sisters Rd in St. James.There’s no clear documentation as to how this road was names, however, there’s several theories. One theory is that this very old road was occupied by a settler who had three daughters. The other theory was an Indian in the area had three daughters who would often be seen walking the path, according to Long Island Genealogy. Photo credit: Google Maps.

  • Three Sisters Rd – St. James
  • Weesuck Ave – East Quogue
  • Werewolf Path – East Hampton
  • Whiskey Road – Ridge
  • Willow St - Southampton
  • Wolf Hill Rd – Huntington

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