Angel Hair Spaghetti & Tomato Dish

Chef Barbiedoll41 | Restaurant

A quick, easy and delicious recipe.

  • Serves: 4 servings
  • Vegetarian: ---
  • Preparation Time: About 5 min.
  • Cusine: ---
  • Difficulty: ---
  • Meal Type: ---
  • Main Ingredient: ---
  • Dish Type: Pasta Dishes
  • Main Cooking Method: ---
  • Season/Occasion: ---
  • Recipe


    • 2 fresh Tomatoes
      1/4 clove Garlic
      1 package Sliced Mushrooms
      1 lb. Angel hair pasta
      Olive Oil


    1. Recipe submitted by member, SpadesLady

      1) In a frying pan, cover bottom of pan with olive oil.

      2) Slice garlic and put in olive oil, turn pan on low heat, and let garlic cook in olive oil...DO NOT LET GARLIC TURN BROWN.

      3) Chop tomatoes into pieces, and add to the pan.

      4) Let tomatoes and garlic cook until tomatoes are completely cooked and form a sauce

      5) Add salt (to taste) and mushrooms to the tomato sauce.

      6) Cook until mushrooms are fully cooked.

      7) Serve over, um, good!

      Optional, in Step 5 you can add other spices to taste, i.e. parsley, oregano, etc. You can also top your creation with grated parmesan or romano cheese.

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