Long Islanders: What's Your New Year's Resolution?


The annual tradition continues on Long Island.

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Image: Shutterstock.

This time of year, people take stock of themselves and make resolutions to spend the next 12 months bettering themselves or the world around them. We asked our readers for their New Year’s resolutions. Here is what they said.


“Just live without complaining or asking how to make yourself better, healthier or love more,” said one reader. “We are all ok the way we are. Love the person you were yesterday, are today & will be tomorrow!”


Some wanted to just appreciate the world around them.


“There are so many beautiful things happening all around me and I am going to take time to enjoy them. Happy New Year!”


Others resolved not to make any resolutions.


“To not make New Year’s Resolutions,” said one reader.


“I don’t make resolutions,” said another.


Making the world a better place is a common resolution as well as hoping others will also see it that way.


“Clean up the roads of Suffolk county. Make people understand that throwing garbage out car windows is wrong and every citizen in Smithtown cover and pick up your garbage cans in front of your house,” explained one commenter. “Again, New Highway is a dumping ground. I am sure it is the drive by traffic from the lustrous industrial park. They don't live here and don't care.”


Many commented that they wanted to eat healthier, exercise more, and practice better mental health.


“Get myself together mentally and physically.”


“Slow down and let my shadow catch up,” said one reader.


Sometimes resolutions have unexpected consequences even when successful, leading to more resolutions.


“Last year I stopped smoking. This year I have to lose the 8 - 10lbs. I've put on by not smoking, but I'm better for it,” said one reader.


Some readers were more cynical about their resolutions but they made them nonetheless.


“To start treating people the way they treat me and sit back and watch!”


“The same one I've had for years… Lower my expectations.”


“No more being part of drama and negativity from people and taking care of me.”


Others were very positive.


“To be better and do better 🙏”


“Try to find that smile.”


One reader summed up how many people feel about these annual tradition.


“No resolutions.....actions!”