Burglar Caught While Owner Watched Surveillance Footage from China


Tian Yun Gao was caught breaking into a home while the vacationing owner watched her on surveillance footage.

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With Christmas cheer in the air, one woman has been accused of committing some Grinchley deeds. On Friday night at around 9:10 p.m. a Dix Hills resident was arrested for a burglary in a Jericho home. How she was caught though, is a unique story in itself. 
Suffolk County detectives are saying the 36-year-old male victim called authorities when he noticed his Hazelwood Drive home had an intruder in it. The owner watched the burglary in its entirety while vacationing in China because he placed surveillance footage all over the house. His viewing at the right time is how the 29-year-old defendant Tian Yun Gao was caught.
She was seen running out of the home’s side door and police chased her down. Second Precinct Police took the accused burglar and placed her in cuffs in the home’s rear yard. Authorities are saying Gao was arrested without incident. The first responders found one of the home's cameras in her possession. Nobody was injured during the burglary.
Tian Yun Gao has been charged with Burglary in the second Degree. She was arraigned in the First District Court in Hempstead on Saturday December 21, 2013.
[Source: Suffolk County Police]