Long Island City Residents Call on Councilman Van Bramer to Help Make Dangerous Intersection Safer

Written by Joe Randazzo  |  17. December 2013

Long Island City residents have been on edge due to a dangerous intersection on 49th avenue that stands between two large condominiums. Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer has urged the Department of Transportation to install crosswalks and place additional signage in the intersection because of numerous accidents. Despite the woes of Queens residents, Van Bramer says the DOT still refuses to make the necessary improvements.
“It is the Department of Transportation’s responsibility to maintain the safety of our City’s pedestrians,” said Council Member Van Bramer. “The residents who live at the intersection of 49th Avenue and 11th Street in Long Island City have been ignored by DOT for far too long. There are a variety of solutions that can be implemented immediately to make this heavily trafficked intersection safer. I do not understand why DOT has chosen not to take action. Now is the time to act. Not after a tragedy occurs.”
Van Bramer first attempted to get in touch with the DOT in November 2012. Back then he requested they prevent illegal access to 11th street as well as going after speeding on 49th avenue. The traffic agency responded by saying, “In the past few years, there have been several safety improvements made to this location…”
One of Van Bramer’s requests to the DOT is they conduct a traffic study. He hopes this will open them up to the residential complaints of the intersection that is adjacent to the Pulaski Bridge off-ramp.
During a recent press conference residents of the L Haus and Hunters View condominiums spoke out against the DOT in hopes they’ll make their streets a safer. Many fear their children are taking chances by crossing the busy 49th avenue street. 
“Vehicles are allowed to speed, without stopping, coming off the Pulaski Bridge onto 49th Avenue,” said Greg Smith, President of the L Haus Board of Managers.” This creates an extremely dangerous intersection due to the lack of clear crosswalk markings and stop signs or signals.  As a building with 123 units with over 40 young children, it is imperative for this matter to be addressed immediately. We need a crosswalk as well as proper signage before we see anyone hurt.” 
[Source: Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer]
Image via Jimmy Van Bramer's Official Website.

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