Nassau County Leg. Vincent T. Muscarella Reminds Homeowners of Application Deadline for 2017 Property Tax Exemption Savings

Written by Long Island News & PR  |  08. December 2016

Nassau County, NY - December 7, 2016 - Nassau County Legislator Vincent T. Muscarella reminds homeowners that there are a variety of tax exemptions that can help reduce your property taxes.  Nassau County homeowners may be eligible for one or more of these property tax exemptions. There is no cost to the homeowner to file for any of these tax exemptions.

For applications and brochures, please visit online.

NYS STAR Tax Exemption Savings

Basic STAR Exemption
STAR is the New York State School Tax Relief program that provides a partial exemption from school property taxes for owner-occupied, primary residences.  The Basic STAR Exemption is for all homeowners, regardless of age, with an annual household income of $500,000 or less.

Enhanced STAR Exemption
The Enhanced STAR Exemption is available to senior citizen homeowners who are 65 years of age or older, during the year in which the exemption takes effect, and whose annual federal adjusted gross income does not exceed $86,000.  (Senior citizens whose annual income exceeds $86,000 may still be eligible for the Basic STAR Exemption.)

Property Tax Exemption Savings

Cold War Veterans Exemption:
The exemption provides a partial property tax exemption (as adopted by your local municipality) to veterans who served during the Cold War period. The law also provides an additional exemption to disabled veterans, equal to one-half of their service-connected disability ratings. The basic exemption is limited to 10 years, but there is no time limit for the disabled portion of this exemption. In both instances, the exemption is limited to the primary residence of the veteran, and is applicable only to general municipal taxes, not to school taxes or special district levies.

Home Improvement  Property Tax Exemption:
The Home Improvement Exemption is an eight year decreasing exemption on alterations, reconstructions or improvements that increase the assessed value of a one or two-family home. For the first year of the exemption, 100 percent of the assessed value of the improvement is exempt. In the second year 87.5 percent; in the third year, 75 percent; and so on.  Please refer to the brochure for list of taxable and non-taxable improvements.

Low-income Senior Citizen Property Tax Exemption:
Senior Citizen homeowners in Nassau County age 65 or over whose incomes are $37,399 or lower are eligible to receive an exemption on their real property taxes.

Persons with Disabilities and Limited Incomes Partial Property Tax Exemption:
To be eligible, homeowners whose incomes are $37,399 or less must have a physical or mental impairment not due to current use of alcohol or illegal drugs.  Proof of disability is required.  Please refer to brochure for eligibility guidelines.  Note:  If your property is receiving an exemption under the Low Income Senior Citizens’ Exemption, it cannot receive this exemption. 

Physically Disabled Tax Reduction Program for Home Improvements:
The real property tax exemption granted is equal to the amount of any increase in value of property attributable to improvements made for the purpose of facilitating and accommodating the use and accessibility of the property by (a) a resident owner of the property who is physically disabled or (b) a member of the resident owner’s household who is physically disabled, if the member of the household resides on the property.

Veterans Real Property Tax Exemption:
Qualifying applicants will receive an exemption from county and town taxes, but not from special district taxes. Applicants may also receive an exemption on school taxes if the local school district has opted in. The exemption is equal to 15% of your assessment for service during war-time and an additional 10% for service in a combat area, or for having received an Expeditionary Medal.

Volunteer Firefighter/Ambulance Worker Property Tax Exemption:
The primary residence owned by an enrolled member of an incorporated volunteer fire company, fire department or ambulance service will be granted a partial exemption from municipal/school taxes and special ad valorem tax levies, so long as the property owner has been a member for at least five (5) years.  Nassau County offers a lifetime exemption to members with over 20 years of volunteer service.

Hurry!  The deadline for all applications is January 2, 2017!

If brochures are unavailable online, please contact Legislator Muscarella’s office at: 516-571-6208, email. There is no cost to the homeowner to file for any of these tax exemptions.

For applications and brochures, please visit here

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