A Better Way to COMMUTE: LICOMMUTER.com Offering Luxury Buses from Long Island to NYC


Hampton Luxury Liner also offering off-season pricing on their daily, high-end Manhattan-to-Hamptons bus service.

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The Hamptons Luxury Liner offers a series of high-end buses that run daily from the city to Long Island’s East End.

Photo by: M&V Limousines

Hempstead, NY - December 3, 2018 - If you're looking to get from Manhattan to The Hamptons in a way that features cutting edge comfort and style – and at an affordable price to boot – then one needs look no further than a great service offered by Commack’s very own M&V Limousines- The Hamptons Luxury Liner, a series of high-end buses that run daily from the city to Long Island’s East End, allowing commuters to sit back and relax in comfort while someone else does all the driving.
Since 1993, M&V Limousines has been offering the very finest of both modern and classic vehicles to New Yorkers looking to traverse the Island and Manhattan in style, featuring a fleet of over 70 vehicles ranging from vintage antiques to cutting edge, high luxury models as well.

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M&V Limousines
However, according to owner Mark Vigliante, one of M&V’s most popular services is The Hamptons Luxury Liner, a series of top-of-the-line busses that essentially serve as an exceedingly fancy shuttle service from the city to Long Island.
“The Hamptons Luxury Liner primarily offers trips from Manhattan out to The Hamptons,” he said. “We pick people up on the Upper East Side and take them to all of the Hamptons and Montauk. It's a daily service offering luxury buses featuring Wi-Fi, power outlets, complimentary snacks and water.”
While most people would associate traveling out to The Hamptons as being primarily a summer-based activity, Vigliante noted that there is still plenty of demand for the Luxury Liner’s services in the off-season due to many factors, not the least of which being the fact that many people in the city own homes in The Hamptons and are looking for a quick, easy, affordable, and comfortable way to commute there on a regular basis.

Photo Credit: M&V Limousines
As a way of offering their customers extra value during the fall and winter months, M&V Limousines are kicking off off-season pricing on their Coach, Luxury, and Diplomat Hampton Luxury Liner classes. Coach class is essentially like any normal coach seat on a typical bus; Luxury features large leather seats and roomier accommodations; and Diplomat class offers yet even more room as well as an onboard server who provides water and snacks for passengers.
“For the off-season we've cut the prices on our Coach, Luxury, and Diplomat classes...normally the prices are $28, $39, and $59, but now the prices on those services are $19, $25, and $35,” Vigliante noted. “And that's for going all the way from Manhattan to The Hamptons, which is a great value.”
Hampton Luxury Liner has also introduced another bus-based service- LICommuter.com. Catering to individuals who are commuting from Long Island into the city for any given reason – be it work, shopping, entertainment, or anything else – this new bus service picks up passengers at exits 60 and 49 on the Long Island Expressway in both the morning in the afternoon for a low rate of just $19. However, with the purchase of a commuter pack, that price comes down even more- just $15 a trip.
LICommuter.com is a perfect service for people who need to go to work in the city or who just want to go there to do Christmas shopping, sightseeing, or anything else,” Vigliante said. 

Photo Credit: M&V Limousines
Either of these two excellent services – going from Manhattan to The Hamptons via the Hampton Luxury Liner, or from Long Island to Manhattan via LICommuter.com – are ideal for people who are weary of sitting behind the wheel for hours at a time on a daily basis.
“This is a great for people who are sick of being stuck in traffic everyday,” Vigliante said. “Instead, you get to relax on a luxury bus with Wi-Fi, power outlets, snacks, water, all with a little bit of upscale service for around the same price as the railroad,” he said. 
To find out more, please visit www.mvlimo.comwww.hamptonluxuryliner.com, and LICommuter.com.