Obama Administration Says The HealthCare.Gov Website Has Greatly Improved


The Healthcare.gov Progress and Performance Report says the site will be able to support 800,000 users a day.

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On Sunday the Obama administration released a report saying they have met their goal for improving the HealthCare.gov website. Hundreds of software fixes and hardware upgrades have been made in the past month after its shaky opening in October. They say the main channel of the website now works about 90% of the time.
“The newly installed technical monitoring instruments have allowed for constant real-time analysis of site performance,” the HealthCare.gov Progress and Performance Report states. “With this new data and management structure the team has the capacity to rapidly respond to any incidents and to better understand root causes.”
Jeffrey D. Zients, the leading adviser on the website’s repair effort, says those using the website are having a much easier experience now that the necessary changes have been made. Pages now load in less than a second. Last month it took an average of eight seconds to load.
Another big improvement for the website is its ability to hold 50,000 users simultaneously. The report states that pages fail to load just under one percent of the time. Before this the rate of failure was six percent. 
“Users spend an average of 20 to 30 minutes on the site,” the report said. “Based on usage trends, the site will support more than 800,000 consumer visits per day.”
The six-month open enrollment period to obtain insurance started on October 1st and will continue through March 31st. After that, anyone without insurance will be subjected to tax penalties. Officials expect the most traffic before December 23rd as that is the last day to sign up for coverage that begins on January 1st.
[Source: HealthCare.Gov Progress Report, New York Times]