Suffolk County SPCA: Thanksgiving & Your Pets - Keeping Them Safe

The holiday season is fast approaching.

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Suffolk County, NY - November 25, 2014 - The holiday season is fast approaching. As you prepare for the first family feast of the season, the Suffolk County S.P.C.A. asks that you remember your pets in the preparation of these festivities.

1) Avoid feeding your pet table scraps - as this may cause at a minimum weight gain, and we all want to avoid that this season. Keep turkey bones away from your pets. These dangerous treats can cause obstructions, choking and damage to the intestines.  Bones can splinter on consumption and cause grave injury.

2) Pets thrive on routine. Please make sure that your holiday guests understand your pet's "house rules" when it comes to play time, treats, jumping, getting on counters, table scraps, and the like. Help them to keep your pet mindful of its training and good manners.

3) Chocolate should be kept out of your pet's reach all the time. It is a toxic substance to animals, particularly dogs. It can cause heart problems, central nervous system problems.  Dark chocolate is the most toxic and can be fatal. Walnuts and macadamia nuts can cause severe vomiting and diarrhea. Avocado can cause buildup of fluid in internal organs and cause damage to the heart. Onions and garlic can cause severe anemia especially in cats. Raisins and grapes can cause significant kidney damage and result in renal failure.

4) Be careful with candles and do not leave them unattended as a wayward tail can cause a fire.

5) Close that oven door promptly lest a cat jump inside seeking a warm place.

6) Secure the trash can so that dogs cannot tip them over and get into items that could be harmful.

7) Thanksgiving means winter is coming. As you prepare for the cold, be sure to clean up those antifreeze spills right away. The sweet smell of this highly poisonous substance attracts pets to it.

Photo by Damian Searles via Free Images