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Long Island CEO Accused of Fraud Wants Federal Prosecutors to Apologize

Tomo Razmilovic is laying low in Sweden due to accusations that he was behind a $200 million fraud scheme.

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A Long Island CEO accused of fraud wants federal prosecutors to apologize for ruining his life. Due to some massive charges, Tomo Razmilovic, the indicted former CEO of Symbol Technologies, escaped New York and ran off to Sweden because he felt he wasn’t going to get a fair trial in the States. 
“I wish that someone sensible would step up and say, would tell me they are sorry for all that I’ve been through,” Razmilovic told an NBC and CNBC Producer last month. “No one has been convicted of anything, everyone has been freed. My CFO, my sales manager, everybody.”
Since leaving the country, Razmilovic has been staying in his Swedish oceanside villa which stands far away from those accusing him of putting together a $200 million fraud scheme. Federal prosecutors say that most of the Symbol Technology executives have already plead guilty to the charges and are even saying he was behind it all. According to investigators, Symbol execs also cooked the books in order to keep the stock price up. 
“They did a dance to get those numbers. They would go through a whole list of accounting wrongdoings or shenanigans in order to get that proper number,” SEC attorney Todd Brody told NBC.
Swedish officials say Razmilovic has citizenship in their country and because of this, he can’t be extradited to the United States. With a cushy life of fancy cars and boat rides, it seems Razmilovic won’t be returning to the country where prosecutors are chomping at the bit to take him down. 
Symbol, the company based out of Holtsville, was bought by Motorola after many of the workers lost their jobs due to the fraud scheme.
[Source: NBC]
Video via CNBC's official YouTube Page.