Governor Cuomo Announces Nine Long Island Chefs and Restaurateurs Take the Pride of New York Pledge

Written by Long Island News & PR  |  14. November 2013

Long Island, NY - November 14, 2013 - Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today announced that nine chefs and restaurateurs on Long Island have signed the Pride of New York Pledge to increase their use of New York State products by 10 percent or more. The Pride of New York Pledge is an important new component of the Governor’s “Taste NY” initiative and is designed to encourage the state’s culinary industry to take advantage of the abundant food and beverage products the state has to offer.

“The Pride of New York Pledge is continuing to gain momentum as dozens of chefs and restaurateurs across the state commit to supporting New York’s robust agricultural industry,” Governor Cuomo said. “When our world-class culinary professionals prefer and use goods produced here in New York, it exposes their restaurant patrons to the high quality of our products and boosts the local agricultural sector to benefit the entire state. I commend the Long Island chefs and restaurateurs who have joined ‘buy local’ movement and encourage chefs from across the state to take the Pride of New York Pledge today.”

The following chefs and restaurateurs signed the Pride of NY pledge at the recent Edible Long Island Magazine Launch Party:

  • Mirabelle, Guy Reuge, Chef
  • J. Kings, William King, Chef
  • Jackson's Restaurant, Shelby Poole, Owner
  • Lombardi's, Laura Lombardi, Director of Operations
  • Monsoon, Michael Wilson, Chef
  • Roots Bistro Gourmand, James Orlandi, Chef/Owner
  • West East Bistro and Bar, Raquel Jadega, Chef
  • Jewel Restaurant, Tom Schaudel, Chef/Owner
  • Besito, John Tunney, Owner

By participating in the Pride of New York Pledge, each chef has committed to:

  • Increase sourcing of New York State grown and made products and ingredients including products from New York’s food and beverage producers for their restaurant(s) by 10% or more
  • Feature, highlight and increase wines, beers, spirits, ciders and other locally produced beverages on their drink menus by 10%
  • Utilize their team’s expertise and talents to introduce new New York themed dishes demonstrating that locally sourced and seasonal products are delicious
  • Consistently communicate their commitment with suppliers, peers and the public so others will support New York State food and beverages
  • Educate and maintain staff knowledge of New York State’s locally grown and made products

Governor Cuomo initiated the Pride of New York Pledge in partnership with the NY Restaurant Association. Representatives of the New York restaurant industry can visit the Taste NY website to access the pledge. They can then email the pledge to tasteny@agriculture.ny.gov. The Pledge can be filled out electronically at the following link: http://taste.ny.gov/sites/default/files/documents/Taste_NY_Pledge-email.pdf

Tom Schaudel, Chef/Owner of Jewel Restaurant, said, “I have been a longtime supporter of sourcing foods from Long Island and it just makes sense to support and promote my fellow New Yorkers. I believe in keeping it in the family, building strong relationships with the local growers and fishermen. Knowing where my food comes from provides me with a sense of confidence that I am preparing my dishes with fresh, high quality ingredients because I know where they come from. Signing the Pride of New York Pledge reinforces my commitment to continuing to do what I believe in - supporting my friends and neighbors.”

Acting State Agriculture Commissioner James B. Bays said, “More and more restaurants in New York are taking the Pride of New York Pledge, which is just fantastic for our state’s food and beverage industry, and especially for our farmers. Governor Cuomo’s Taste NY program is creating new venues for our state’s burgeoning ‘buy local’ movement to grow and the Pride of New York Pledge is just the latest example of these efforts.”

Governor Cuomo’s Taste NY initiative focuses on branding and expanding New York's food and beverage industry by making the wide variety of foods and beverages made and grown in the state readily available and recognizable to New Yorkers as well as to the hospitality industry and public nationwide. Part of Governor Cuomo’s efforts to promote agribusiness across the state, Taste NY is being marketed through a range of promotional efforts including Taste NY tents at important events, Taste NY stores in transportation hubs and a dedicated website, www.taste.ny.gov.

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