Statements from Governor Cuomo and Acting State Health Commissioner Dr. Zucker on the Release of Dr. Craig Spencer

Written by Long Island News & PR  |  11. November 2014

Albany, NY - November 11, 2014 - Statement from Governor Andrew M. Cuomo:
“Today is proof that proper preparedness and erring on the side of caution can save lives. On behalf of all New Yorkers, I am greatly relieved to hear of Dr. Spencer’s recovery and thank him for his important and heroic work on the front lines of this devastating epidemic in West Africa.

“Working with our partners in City government, New York State was able to learn from the unfortunate events in Dallas when it came time to treat a patient with Ebola, and Dr. Spencer’s case has shown us that our system worked. From the emergency personnel who first took Dr. Spencer to the hospital to the staff at the New York State and New York City Departments of Health, the highest level of professionalism and service was exhibited throughout Dr. Spencer’s treatment.

“I also want to thank the dedicated men and women at Bellevue Hospital who made Dr. Spencer’s recovery possible. In order to prepare New York for the possibility of an Ebola patient here, we designated Bellevue as one of ten Ebola Treatment Centers across the State. These are hospitals specifically designed to protect the public health and treat this disease. The healthcare professionals at Bellevue followed through with that plan with the highest level of excellence, and Dr. Spencer is returning home healthy as a result.”

Statement from Acting State Health Commissioner Howard Zucker, M.D., J.D.:
“I commend all of those who have assisted in the care and treatment of Dr. Craig Spencer over the past several weeks. The Bellevue team has provided excellent care and their success in treating Dr. Spencer demonstrates the effectiveness of careful planning to combat Ebola. Dr. Spencer’s treatment and recovery serve as an example to the nation that New York State is committed to protecting the public health and will succeed at preventing the spread of this deadly disease.

“I also commend Dr. Spencer, who answered the call of duty and went to the front lines of the war on Ebola to help those who desperately needed the care he provided, despite the threat of contracting the illness himself. New York State is fully prepared to continue providing whatever support is necessary to those brave men and women who have selflessly put their own well-being at stake to help stop Ebola.”

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