Assemblywoman Solages Hosts Book Month Reading at Dutch Broadway Elementary School

Written by Long Island News & PR  |  06. November 2015

Elmont, NY - October 25, 2015 - In recognition of National Bullying Prevention Month, Assemblywoman Solages (D-Elmont) hosted an anti-bullying workshop at the Dutch Broadway Elementary School in Elmont, NY.  The Assemblywoman read the book  “The Juice Box Bully” by Maria Dismondy and Robert Sornson to students in Mrs. Ober’s classroom.  Bullying is a widespread problem that exists in schools across our nation.  Research has shown that bullying can cause many problem both socially, emotionally, psychologically, and biologically.  This is why bullying has become a national conversation.  Now bullying is being taken seriously, therefore there are measures being taken across the nation to address bullying.

Following the reading, students participated in a discussion detailing the difference between being a bystander:  someone who observed an incident, but doesn’t take part or stand up for someone being bullied and an upstander:  someone who observed the incident, but stands up for someone being bullied.   After learning vocabulary to help define, understand, and address bullying, each student made an anti-bullying pledge.  To make light of such a serious topic the Assemblywoman then led an arts and crafts lesson with Mrs. Ober’s students, during which they colored juice boxes to embrace the juice box theme of  the book Assemblywoman Solages read to the class.  The Assemblywoman also had each students create a list of ways they can try to address or prevent bullying in the future, to encourage overall  happiness, as well as good mental and physical health.  This visit provided the children at Dutch Broadway Elementary a unique interaction with their state legislative representative.

“Bullying is an everyday reality. It is important to take proactive stances during key formative and impressionable years, to promote and ensure good development of social, emotional, and psychological health, of which ultimately contributes to overall good physical health, by educating children to be aware of the challenges of bullying and how to actively combat bullying,” stated Assemblymember Solages.

Pictured: Mrs. Ober's class at Dutch Broadway Elementary School  where they learned about anti-bullying techniques through reading a book with Assemblywoman Solages. (Photo courtesy of the Office of Assemblywoman Solages.)

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