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Child Severs Finger at Long Island Park on Adult Fitness Machine

Adult fitness machinery at a Long Island park causes a young child to sever his finger.

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Cuts and scrapes may be expected with a trip to the park for kids, but for one little boy he ended up severing his finger.

Authorities say the accident occurred on an elliptical machine at Elwood Park in Huntington, Long Island, on Oct. 22.

The elliptical machine is part of an adult fitness area in the park and was put in to help with working out. The area does include a sign indicating the area is for those ages 13 and older, but following this incident, the Town is taking further precaution.

The elliptical machine has been off limits since the incident and it is scheduled to be hauled away. There are also plans to fence around the fitness area and to apply a self-closing and –latching mechanism to the entrance, which will require it to be released in order to get in and out.

Fitness machinery not handled properly can be dangerous. For the young little boy, it resulted in his finger being sliced.

According to reporting from CBS New York, the Good Samaritan who helped the little boy indicated his finger “was pretty much hanging from the bottom thread” and he just helped hold it together until medical help arrived.

Other parks on Long Island also have outdoor fitness equipment and extra caution must be taken with young children playing around the area.

[Source: CBS New York]