History: Old Photo of Shinnecock School


We dug into the archives of the East Hampton Library to find this historical picture.

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Photo taken around 1900. A caption on the back of the photograph reads: Flag raising at the Old Shinnecock School during the winter of bygone days. It appears to have been a bleak and wintry day when these Shinnecocks were trying to wright a flagpole that the wintry wind had blown over some years ago.


Man with the moustache on the right, and black shock of hair, is Charles Bunn. I would judge that this photo was taken somewhere around 1908. Pictured on the left, is a shed that might have been a shelter for the horse and buggy that belonged to the teacher. Many of the members of the tribe recall the days that they and their grandparents learned the three R's in this quaint little schoolhouse, that burnt down in the year of 1967.