Suffolk County Officials Unveil Mobile App for Drug Abusers to Find Assistance

Written by Long Island News & PR  |  23. October 2017

Hauppauge, NY - October 23, 2017 - Suffolk County Legislature Presiding Officer DuWayne Gregory, working in conjunction with County Executive Steve Bellone unveiled a new mobile app today that will provide access to drug addiction services for those needing assistance. 
The app, Stay Alive L.I. is currently available in Android format and will soon be available in Apple format. It provides information on how to recognize and prevent opioid overdoses, where to get help with drug addiction services, the locations of hospitals and treatment centers, links to organizations and hotlines, and information on training to administer Narcan medication for overdoses.
“With a growing number of overdoses in Suffolk County we have been vigilant with instituting creative solutions for dealing with this epidemic. This app is just one weapon in the fight,” said Presiding Officer Gregory. “Too many lives have been lost and as new, deadlier drugs infiltrate our communities, the number of deaths will continue to rise unless we have the resources to provide assistance. This app will put vital information for treatment and recovery into the hands of those suffering drug addiction as well as their family members and will hopefully result in more lives saved.”
Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone said, “We are fighting back against the opioid epidemic with more enforcement, better treatment, and new technology in the palm of your hand. This mobile app developed by Suffolk County will inform more residents through a new medium of vital treatment and information available for those suffering with addiction. I thank Presiding Officer Gregory and the County Legislature for their outspokenness, steady leadership and willingness to be true partners on this issue.”
According to the Public Health Emergency Preparedness division within the Suffolk County Department of Health, from January 1 through August 31 of this year there was a total of 588 overdose reversals of which 152 received more than one dose of Narcan. Of the 588, 25 patients were reversed at least two times within that time period, representing a snapshot of the number of overdoses in the county. 
Legislator William “Doc” Spencer, Chair of the Health Committee said, “I commend our team especially our Presiding Officer DuWayne Gregory for his leadership in encouraging this life-saving application. We must continue to provide resources to fight this devastating menace of drug addiction that is ravaging our communities.” 
“The app is a new tool in our arsenal to fight the war on drugs,” said Legislator Sarah Anker. “The app incorporates resources for enforcement, education, and prevention in order to help mitigate drug use in our communities. It will be an invaluable resource to help individuals struggling and also families and friends who are helping a loved one battle addiction.”
“Each of us has heard and seen the horrific stories of death and destruction that comes from opioid addiction. The more information we can provide to the people, the quicker we can provide it and the more comprehensive that information is the better chance we have of saving lives,” said Legislator Tom Cilmi.
The app can be downloaded by visiting the Google Play store on Android phones and searching for the Stay Alive L.I. app.

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