15 William Floyd High School Students Selected for NYSCAME All-County Honors Festival

Written by WFSD News  |  23. October 2014

Mastic Beach, NY - October 23, 2014 - Fifteen William Floyd High School students have been chosen to perform this November at the NYSCAME (New York State Council of Administrators for Music Education) All-County Music Festival, an honors festival for students who demonstrate excellence on their instruments or with their voices.

“The students and their teachers have worked extremely hard to achieve this great honor,” said Ryan Feldscher, lead music teacher, William Floyd School District. “Only the top 11th- and 12th-grade musicians in Suffolk County are selected for this festival.”

The NYSCAME All-County students selected for their voices are: Marion Woodson, Brianna Balzano, Sasha Hameed, Rebecca Engel, Elizabeth Ertola, Jacqueline Engel, Dominick Perraglia, Hannah Jaynes, Michael Walker, Salvatore Palma and Giselle Castillo. Selected for their instrumental talents are: Calvin Arancibia (trombone); Daniel Cresci (horn); Avalon Monti (trumpet); and Jeffrey Ingegno (bass).

Pictured left to right are: Amy Sckipp (orchestra teacher); Barbara D’Orio (chorus teacher), Calvin Arancibia, Marion Woodson, Jacqueline Engel, Brianna Balzano, Avalon Monti, Salvatore Palma, Giselle Castillo, Sasha Hameed, Sherby Michel, Dominick Perraglia, Rebecca Engel, Jeffrey Ingegno, Michael Walker, Hannah Jaynes, Elizabeth Ertola, Ryan Feldscher (chorus teacher) and Michael Cordaro (band teacher).

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