Report Card Scores on NYS Teachers to Be Available Online By Dec. 31

Report cards will not only be out for students. By Dec. 31, report cards will also be out for teachers and principals online.

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By Dec. 31, parents and guardians of students in school will have an opportunity to review the performance of their teachers and the principals of schools.

The grading system under the New York Annual Professional Performance Review is based on test scores and other measures used to evaluate whether students learned in class and subjective evaluations from peers and the principal (for teachers).

Teachers and principals receive a grade of “Highly effective,” “Effective,” “Developing,” or “Ineffective.” The grade is made up based on about 40 percent of it being the result of standardized test scores of students and 60 percent of it being subjective reviews.

Final grade reports for each school district were due to the Department of Education today. The submission affords the school district additional school aid.

Some charter schools are not part of this evaluation if they chose to give up grant funding.

This new evaluations system puts additional pressure for better performance. Teachers and principals graded with “Ineffective” for two consecutive years will be considered for termination.

Some of the data from the reports will be released to the general public come the end of the year on a state-run website to cover performances for the 2012-2013 school year.

 [Source: FiOS1 News; New York State Education Department.]