The Diabetes Health and Wellness Academy of NYC Annual Gala Benefit

Written by Phil Andrews  |  17. October 2013

Elmont, NY - October 17th, 2013 -  On Friday, December 6, 2013 The Diabetes Health and Wellness Academy of N.Y.C. will be presenting its  annual Gala Benefit at the Uniondale, Marriott located and 101 James Doolittle Blvd., Uniondale, New York 11553.  The gala will begin at 7:00 p.m. and end at 12:00 a.m.  Red Carpet, Live Entertainment, Guest Speakers and Honorees!  The theme for this year’s gala is “Creating a Unique Learning Environment through Health and Learning Initiatives’”.  
The Diabetes Health and Wellness Academy of N.Y.C., is the first school / academy in the U.S. to assist in the daily education of students with diabetes and other medical health issues.  The academy is incorporated by the University Board of Regents the State of New York, and The New York State Education Department.  
The benefit raises funds to support the organization’s development process, and its mission to assist children, their families, and caregivers who struggle with chronic disease each day, while, creating a unique learning environment through health & education learning initiatives.  
The founder of the Diabetes Health and Wellness Academy of N.Y.C. has seen the struggles of her own child affected with type 1 juvenile diabetes daily and the entire family as a unit.  Our innovative approach to a unique learning environment seeks to alleviate the ups and downs chronic disease can bring on a daily basis through the continuous efforts of health initiatives blended with education, where students spend the vast majority of their day.  
Our programs will assist students on how to become guardians of their  themselves  and help them to experience optimal health, while supporting the families and caregivers who help them to remain healthy every day.  
Please support our efforts, to help save lives.   
To get your tickets today, advertise, reserve vending space or donate to our organization’s mission you may contact Sabrina Gardner, Founder of The Diabetes Health and Wellness Academy of N.Y.C.  at 516.589.5584 or call Phil Andrews, Co-Chairman of The Diabetes Health and Wellness Academy of N.Y.C.
Email inquires to gardners88@yahoo.com.
Purchase online tickets today by clicking here.

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