NOAA Predicting More Snow, Warmer Temps for Long Island this Winter

Get those gloves, snow blowers, shovels, and ice scrapers out of storage, because it’s going to be an extra snowy Winter!

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As wonderful as it is to look out at the beautiful, white snow, while you’re all warm and bundled up inside with a nice warm cup of hot chocolate, dealing with it afterwards and travelling through it is not so great. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) it is predicted that Long Island will be getting more snow than usual this Winter, along with higher temperatures. At this point the exact temperatures and amount of snowfall cannot be predicted for Winter 2014-2015, giving these estimates an approximate 33% chance of becoming a reality.

The average temperature for the Long Island area between December 1st and February 28th is approximately 33 degrees. Meanwhile the mean snowfall for that same time span is just shy of 20 inches, both averages referring to Long Island MacArthur Airport, located in Ronkonkoma, which is the National Weather Service’s reference point for both Nassau and Suffolk County.

Please keep in mind that this outlook into the Winter season cannot project when and where a snowstorm will hit, or total snow accumulation, since snow forecasts and storms are typically not predictable until about a week in advance.

No matter what this upcoming Winter has in store for Long Islanders, it is always best to be as well-prepared beforehand so you and your loved ones are ready for any emergencies that may pop up in the approaching months.

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For the most up to date weather information, visit the Weather Center, where you can find the latest weather forecasts, advisories, and more.

[Source: NOAA]

Photo by Tom Karn via's Winter 2013-14 photo gallery.