Three Long Island Men Arrested for Selling Rental Cars

The three men created fake credit cards and drivers licenses and then sold luxury rental cars for a cheap price.

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Three Long Island men were arrested after an alleged fake ID scheme that involved selling rental cars. What the trio did was counterfeit credit cards, create fake drivers licenses to go along with them, use the cards to rent new cars from airports, and then sell the cars for an extreme low, low price. 

According to Suffolk County District Attorney Thomas Spota, one of the men manufactured the fake ID’s in his parent’s bedroom. The machine he had was purchased on Ebay. What it did was make the numbers stick up the way a legitimate credit card has on it. The rental cars they stole varied from Cadillacs to Mercedes-Benz and came from vendors at both Kennedy and Laguardia airport.  Spota says the luxury cars were sold for “pennies on the dollar.”
A stolen Cadillac CTS went for the miniscule price of $2,100. What it usually goes for is $41,000. It is still unclear how many cars the three men stole. What he does know is that the main rental companies were Avis and Hertz. It wasn’t until long after the men left did they realize they were robbed. 
The names of the three Long Islanders will not be released until after they are charged Wednesday. What has been revealed is one of the men is a 23-year-old Bay Shore resident and his parent’s home where he created the fake ID’s is located in Lindenhurst. His parents have not been charged with anything though. 
The credit-card making items taken from the Lindenhurst home were embossing machines, thermal printers, blank cards, and a Tipper Machine. The Tipper Machine is used to raise the imprinted numbers on fake credit cards with silver or gold foil. During the investigation, a fourth man from Holbrook was charged with selling them marijuana. He was not a part of the rental car operation.
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