Katie Schumacher Headlines Don’t Press Send Presentation at Oceanside High School for National Bully Prevention Month


Katie Schumacher, author & founder of the Don’t Press Send campaign was at Oceanside High School to discuss the importance of creating a kinder, safer cyber community.

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The event was sponsored by Don't Press Send supporter Senator Todd Kaminsky.

Oceanside, NY - October 7, 2016 - Katie Schumacher, author and founder of the Don’t Press Send campaign took stage at Oceanside High School in Long Island, New York to discuss the importance of creating a kinder, safer cyber community. The event, which was sponsored by NYS Senator Todd Kaminsky, was well-received by members of the audience which included a mix of students, parents, and educators. Don’t Press Send is an initiative that was launched by Katie in 2012.

The hour-long presentation, which was followed by audience questions, took place at the Oceanside High School’s Auditorium last evening and among the key takeaways included:

  • Guidelines and strategies to navigate social media
  • Creating a healthy balance with technology
  • Using mindful techniques at home
  • Protecting your child from engaging in illegal and/or dangerous online activities
  • Tips for teaching technological responsibility

“Don’t Press Send gives me the opportunity to spread a positive message that helps parents and children navigate the unregulated cyber landscape,” shared Katie Schumacher, Author and Founder of Don’t Press Send. “It is my goal to help families by empowering parents and children with the tools that they need to tackle social media, both in my own community and around the nation.”

“It is so important to make sure parents and children alike have the tools they need to be safe online,” said Kaminsky. “Understanding the power of our words and actions and the effect they have on others is key to creating a safe and positive cyber community. I am proud to partner with Katie to spread this message, and hope that parents and students walked away from tonight’s presentation empowered to safely navigate social media.”

To spread the impactful message beyond her local community, Katie published her first book this past summer. Titled Don’t Press Send: A Mindful Approach to Social Media, An Education in Cyber Civics, the book provides insights for creating a clear, kind approach to using social media.

To learn more about the campaign and book, please visit: here

About Katie Schumacher
Katie Schumacher has used her years as a teacher, her mindfulness training, and her on the job experience as the mother of three teens to develop the Don’t Press Send campaign and the popular app by the same name. As a frequent lecturer, she has been able to spread the message of kind and careful communication to thousands of students, parents, and educators, inspiring them to incorporate a mindful approach to social media. In July 2016, Ms. Schumacher penned her first book, Don’t Press Send: A Mindful Approach to Social Media, An Education in Cyber Civics, to give parents the tools and strategies they need to arm their children to create a better cyber community. For more information about the Don’t Press Send book and initiative, please visit here.

About Senator Todd Kaminsky
Senator Todd Kaminsky has spent his career fighting for Long Island families and working to end government corruption. On April 19, the people of the South Shore elected him in a special election to continue that work in the State Senate. Todd has been a leader on issues important to Long Islanders, including property tax relief, government reform, assistance for Hurricane Sandy victims and a $20 million increase for South Shore school districts. Todd is also the statewide leader on access to diplomas for students with special needs, as well as fixing New York’s broken standardized testing system for public school students. For more information on Senator Kaminsky, please visit here.