County Executive Curran Confirms Approval of $375 Direct Payments to Nassau Residents

"Once I’ve signed the bill, checks will begin to be automatically mailed out to households," Curran said.

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Nassau County Executive Laura Curran.

Photo by: Nassau County

Nassau County Executive Laura Curran has confirmed that the Nassau County Legislature has voted to approve $375 direct payments to county residents, using federal funds from the American Rescue Plan:
After months of delay, tonight the Nassau County Legislature has finally passed my plan to use federal relief funding for $375 direct payments to up to 400,000 middle and working class households. I will sign this legislation as soon as it reaches my desk. Nassau County’s finances are in the best shape they have been in decades thanks to fiscal discipline by my Administration.
This allows us to push funding from the American Rescue Plan back to our residents and businesses.These direct payments will not only help those who continue to struggle, but also provide a meaningful boost to our local economy. I encourage residents to spend this money in our main streets and support local businesses.
Once I’ve signed the bill, checks will begin to be automatically mailed out to households currently receiving Enhanced STAR, Limited Incomes and Disabilities, and/or Senior Citizen property tax exemptions.These households don’t need to take any action to receive their checks. All other households making under $500,000 will be able to determine eligibility and apply to receive direct payments at NassauCountyNY.Gov/BoostNassau. More to come soon.