William Floyd Students Use Art to Help Shelter Animals Get Adopted

Written by Long Island News & PR  |  05. October 2017

Southampton, NY - October 5, 2017 - Holly Hazen and Lorraine Wimpelberg, two William Floyd High School student-artists enrolled in Theresa Bianco’s Portfolio Preparation class, are using their artwork to help some canine residents at the Southampton Animal Shelter find new homes. The two juniors set out to show how the dogs really look when they are not sitting in their kennels in hopes of garnering more interest from potential pet owners.
“Holly and Lorraine chose to draw the shelter dogs as part of their summer assignments they were asked to complete,” said Mrs. Bianco. “They focused on photographs that they took themselves of the dogs while in the shelter, particularly the dogs’ eyes. They wanted people to see them in a ‘different light’ not just behind a cage, but how the volunteers at the shelter see them every day – kind and vulnerable. I am very proud of these two young artists because they are finding a way to use their artistic skill to make people see these animals the way they do, to look past the iron bars and take a moment to really see them. This is truly what creating art is about, getting people to stop and look and feel something.”
So far the duo has drawn 15 dogs, three of which have been adopted. 

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