SCPD Respond to Reports of People Wearing Clown Costumes Acting in a Menacing Manner

Written by Long Island News & PR  |  30. September 2016

Suffolk County, NY - September 30, 2016 - SCPD Chief of Department Stu Cameron issues statement in response to reports related to people wearing clown costumes while acting in a menacing manner:

The Suffolk County Police Department has received reports related to people wearing clown costumes while acting in a menacing manner.  The department has not confirmed any of these reports and our officers have not personally witnessed any individual wearing a clown costume.

We understand this may be a social media prank throughout the country, but we take quite seriously all calls that involve intentional harassment, trespassing, disturbing of the peace, and reported activity that results in the citizens of our county feeling threatened.

The public should be aware there have been no reported assaults nor credible threats against public safety within the county.

The Department once again is reminding the public that falsely reporting an incident, intentional harassment, threatening of individuals or disturbing of the peace can lead to legal consequences. We are closely monitoring all social media channels and calls made to the department. Individuals trespassing on school grounds, other private property or making prank calls to 911 will be arrested under the NYS Penal Law.

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