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Man Selling Snakes Out of His Home Seeking Commercial Space

Richard Parrinello is searching for commercial space after the Town of Brookhaven's ultimatum.

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In a follow up to Saturday’s story, the animal control officer selling 850 snakes from his home while collecting disability seeks a new place to sell the reptiles. Richard Parrinello, 44, of Brookhaven, is looking for a commercially zoned space after the Town of Brookhaven came down on him. He will be submitting a proposal to the town board who plans on removing the snakes at the end of the week if no resolution is found.
Authorities found the snakes after Brookhaven officials investigated Parrinello for violating town codes while on disability. During the investigation authorities stumbled onto his two garage set-up. The snakes were found in good health and no charges were made. At the scene Parrinello was issued summonses for running an illegal business from his home and illegally converting his garage.
While most of the snakes were left in the home, two Burmese pythons were removed. To own one requires a permit as the mammoth reptiles are seen as dangerous. 
“There’s a reason why they’re illegal,” Suffolk County SPCA Chief Roy Gross, told CBS news Thursday. “I can only say that I recommend that people do not get them in the first place. They do not make good pets. It’s an accident waiting to happen.”
Authorities are going after Parrinello for violating Brookhaven town codes, holding pythons at his home, and illegally operated a reptile-sale business without a permit. Even though Parrinello’s snakes were left in the home, the town issued an ultimatum. He must apply for a permit to legitimately run the business or he will lose the reptiles.
Parrinello sold the snakes on his website, Snakeman’s Exotics. Altogether the boa constrictors, pythons, and hog-nose snakes are valued at $500,000. Town attorney David Moran says Parrinello is cooperating with officials.

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