Convicted Child Molester Suing DA for Defamation

Jesse Friedman is planning to sue Kathleen Rice for "false and defamatory statements.”

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Jesse Friedman, a convicted child molester that was arrested in the 1980s, said he is planning to sue Nassau County District Attorney Kathleen Rice for alleged "false and defamatory statements” that she made in her 2013 review of his case.

While Friedman was hoping for exoneration in the report, the reinvestigation of the case found that Friedman was 100 percent guilty and
justifiably convicted.

According to Friedman, Rice stated that he wrote “vicious pornography” while in prison. He stated that this is an "utterly baseless falsehood.” According to a report from News 12, Rice’s office is reviewing the claim and has not made any statements.

Friedman was convicted of child molestation in 1988. He and his father Arnold admitted to abusing 14 boys during computer classes at their home in Great Neck. Friedman served 13 years in prison, but says that he was forced into confession of the crimes.

In an Academy Award-nominated documentary titled “Capturing the Friedmans,” Friedman and his supporters state that he was railroaded into pleading guilty. They were expecting Rice’s review of the case to exonerate him.

However, Rice upheld the ruling and even stated that Friedman actually abused 17 children. The 172-page report goes on to say that Friedman was even labeled a "psychopathic deviant" by his own psychotherapist.

"In fact, by any impartial analysis, the investigation process prompted by Jesse Friedman . . . has only increased confidence in the integrity of Jesse Friedman's guilty plea adjudication as a sex offender," the report states.

The report also took issue with the director of the documentary, Andrew  Jarecki. They said that the movie uses out-of-context clips and misleading information in order to make the 44-year-old seem innocent.

Rice also stated that she spoke with the victims, and 25 years later they are still recovering from the abuse.

Friedman, and his wife Elisabeth, maintain that he is innocent and the report is “full of lies.”

[Source: News 12]