Apparent Facebook Page of Teen Charged in Murder Linked to Fight Sites

A Facebook page in the name of Tyler Flach lists "Fight Club" and a page linked to videos of street fights as likes.

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Tyler Flach has been charged with second degree murder.

Photo by: Nassau County Police Department

A Facebook page that appears to belong to the teenager accused of murder in an Oceanside strip mall indicates under “likes” the movie Fight Club and a site that reproduces videos allegedly of actual fights.

Tyler Flach, an 18-year old Lido Beach resident, has been charged with second degree murder in the death of 16-year-old Khaseen Morris, police reported. Flach was arraigned on Thursday, September 19 at First District Court, 99 Main Street in Hempstead. He pleaded not guilty.

"At the appropriate time, we will release vital information about what happened that's not captured on video and that completely changes this case," his lawyer, Edward Sappone, was quoted by WABC- TV."Until then, we ask the community to reserve or judgment and pray for those who are suffering."

Fourth Precinct officers were dispatched to Brower Avenue in Oceanside on Monday, Sept. 16 at 3:45 p.m. after reports of a large fight. Upon arrival they found that Khaseen Morris, a 16-year-old male, had been stabbed in the chest,

They also found a second victim, a 17-year-old male, who suffered a broken arm and swelling to his head.

Both were taken to an area hospital for treatment, according to police. Morris, the stabbing victim, was admitted in critical condition and pronounced dead by a hospital physician.

Bystanders reportedly watched and in some cases shot videos of the fight, according to numerous reports. 

While Flach's attorney says additional information "completely changes this case,"  what appears to be Flach's Facebook Web page at least shows an interest in street fighting.

A Facebook page listed under the name of Tyler Flach, described as being of Long Beach, lists "ikes" that almost entirely relate to fighting - although none involve weapons.

Only one movie is listed under likes, “Fight Club” starring Brad Pitt and Edward Norton, with a link to a trailer that begins with the following dialogue.

“I want you to hit me as hard as you can,” Pitt says in the movie.

“Why?” Norton asks.

“How much can you know about yourself if you’ve never been in a fight?” Pitt replies.

Under likes, the Facebook page also lists “The Craziest Sports Fights” and “Hardcore Fights,”  which describes itself as an entertainment site “here to bring you the fights that you want to see.”

Videos linked to that site appear to show numerous actual fights where young men clash on the street or in buildings often brutally injuring one another. The videos appear to be real – including real injuries - and none involve weapons beyond fists.

Many of these fights involve people shouting encouragement or otherwise commenting on the fight, as if they are watching a boxing match.

The videos also include compilations mixing cheers, laughter and honking horns with screams as people clash or are beaten and often appear injured.

These fights in some cases appear organized or at least planned and typically involve only hand to hand combat and not weapons, while someone, whether a stranger or involved with the fight, records the incident.

There have been examples of cell phone recordings of fights on Long Island, but not of anything involving a homicide.

Cell phone videos recorded a brutal fight or beating at a Burger King parking lot in Huntington Station in February.

In the video, various young men punch and kick another young man, who is lying on the ground. A 16-year-old was stabbed in that fight, which was also recorded on cell phone video by various people.