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Hunter Business School - Giving Students the Tools for Successful New Career Paths

Hunter is a technical trade school that offers a number of programs that will help students to find gainful employment in a variety of different fields.

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Photo by: Hunter Business School

Hunter Business School opened their first location in Levittown in 1972, they later followed up with a second location in Medford in 2006. And while many things have changed over the many years they’ve been in business, one thing certainly has not- a dedication to providing their students with the tools they need to set on a successful new career path in life.
Hunter is a technical trade school that offers a number of programs that give students expert, comprehensive training that will enable them to find gainful employment in a variety of different fields.
Among the programs that Hunter offers are Medical Assistant, Medical Office Administration, Medical Billing, Computer Technician Networking Specialist and Diagnostic Medical Stenography. In addition, Hunter's Levittown location also offers Practical Nursing, Radiologic Technologist, and Web Application Development and Design. 
However, Hunter is much more than a trade school; as opposed to simply handing you your diploma and turning you out on your own, Hunter actually will assist you in numerous aspects of finding employment in the field in which you've been trained, according to Director of Admissions Janette Chiofalo.
“If our student has a resume, we'll help them update it so their training is incorporated, and if they don't have a resume we'll help them create one,” she said. “We do ‘thank you’ letters, cover letters, and even mock job interviews, because the end result is that they have to be ready willing and able to find employment in these fields once they've finished their training.”
“We also have career service representatives who meet with our students and get to know them personally and their individual backgrounds, because again, the push is to help them to become employed in the field in which they have trained,” Chiofalo added.
The courses that Hunter offers are based on industry demand and the ability to get a graduating student employed, according to Chiofalo.
“We started with just a few programs, and as the years progressed and the needs of the world changed, so did Hunter,” she said. “We've added programs that we've seen great success rates in."
Affordability is another major consideration when it comes to attending school, and Hunter has gone to great lengths to ensure that their programs are within financial reach for most anyone who wants to attend. 
“We have financial aid available for those who qualify, and we work various county and state agencies as well." Chiofalo said. “So we can definitely help prospective students explore their financial options that would help them be able to afford attending school and furthering their career goals.”
The shortest program Hunter has is three months, and the longest 23 months; on average, a student at Hunter will probably see approximately seven-and-a-half months of class time before receiving their diploma. Some programs may also have optional certification opportunities as  well.  To someone wishing to embark on a new career path – but not wanting to sacrifice years and years of schooling to do so – Hunter offers a viable alternative that can get someone trained and into the workforce in a fraction of the time.
While Hunter Business School’s students would normally take classes on campus, Hunter’s upcoming classes are being taught in either a hybrid model or an online platform, depending upon the program. This is due to the pandemic, Chiofalo said.
“The goal is to just keep everyone as safe as possible, and do the right thing for everyone,” she said.
Between their Levittown and Medford locations, Hunter typically has a combined student body annually of about 700, and class sizes are often smaller than average in order to allow for more individualized attention.  Interested students are even invited to join a virtual class to get a feel for a day in the life of a Hunter student prior to enrolling. 
To date, students who have graduated from Hunter Business school have enjoyed a very high rate of employment, due in part to the reputation that Hunter has developed over the years for graduating qualified applicants for in-demand jobs.
“We definitely have a large network of employers that hire from Hunter because they know the training our students receive is top-notch and at the forefront of industry standards,” Chiofalo said.
But at the end of the day, Chiofalo said that the instructors and staff at Hunter Business School feel a great deal of pride at being able to offer individuals who are trying to make a new start in life the opportunity to have an affordable and comprehensive education and go on to a satisfying and life-changing career.
“It's incredibly rewarding to be able to help someone to change their life, reach a goal, or realize a dream. Our students are the heart of Hunter and we are so proud of them," Chiofalo said. 
To find out more about Hunter Business School, please call their Levittown/Nassau County campus at 516-796-1000, their Medford/Suffolk County campus at 631-736-7360, or visit their website at