Just Months After Sandy, Out of Control Fire Brings Massive Devastation to Jersey Shore

Written by Cait Russell  |  13. September 2013

Seaside Heights, NJ - Just a month shy of the anniversary of Superstorm Sandy, New Jersey’s Seaside Park suffered another major devastation as a massive, out of control blaze destroyed dozens of local businesses that had recently been rebuilt along the iconic boardwalk. Although the fire is now under control according to a statement made by Governor Chris Christie, the damage that has been left in its path is unthinkable, damaging over 32 buildings, including many of the iconic businesses and buildings that had just been rebuilt post-Sandy.

In a statement made late Thursday, evening, Gov. Christie reflected on just how heartbreaking the fire’s damage is for New Jersey: “After all the effort and time that went into rebuilding Seaside, to see this going on today is just unthinkable.” Many of the businesses that were burned to the ground had only recently been completely rebuilt and reopened after Sandy had destroyed their storefronts just months earlier. During his Press Conference just yards away from the fire, Gov. Christie vowed to help the local businesses and residents affected in their efforts to yet again rebuild (see the video below), and rise from the ashes of this most recent tragedy.

As of 1 AM this morning, the fire is still burning, with numerous hot spots, and firefighters will most likely be battling the flames until at least noontime on Friday. As more information becomes available as this situation develops, we will provide you with updates on the damage, and the scoop on how you can help our New Jersey neighbors who have been struck with tragedy so soon after Sandy.

 [Sources: Gov. Chris Christie, Wall Street Journal.]

Featured Image: A fire still burns as New Jersey Governor Chris Christie addresses the people of Seaside Park in a Press Conference earlier this evening (Photo Credit: Chris Christie’s Facebook Page).

Video Courtesy of Chris Christie’s Official YouTube Page, Photos Courtesy of Chris Christie’s Facebook Page/Tim Larsen.

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