Puzzle Break Long Island Offers Amazing Party Packages for Kids' Birthdays, Corporate Team-Building, and More


Puzzle Break offers a selection of amazing birthday party packages at their facility that are ideal for kids ages 7 and up.

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Puzzle Break offers four distinct escape games, including the exciting and mind-bending "Escape the Lost Temple."

Photo by: Puzzle Break Long Island

When it comes to exciting, fun, and educational brain-teasers, nothing scratches that itch quite like an escape game can; and when it comes to escape games, the best game in town is Puzzle Break Long Island located in Syosset, NY, which continues to evolve their business as we all enter the “new normal”.
Puzzle Break has now fully reopened after an extended lockdown due to the pandemic, and since then they have strived to provide customers with new, exciting and safe escape room experiences.
Puzzle Break offers four distinct escape games — Escape the Midnight Carnival, Escape the Lost Temple, Escape from 20,000 Leagues, and The Grimm Escape, each with their own unique mind-bending puzzles.
But that’s not all that Puzzle Break offers! They also have a selection of amazing birthday party packages at their facility that are ideal for kids ages 7 and up, including 2-hour Basic (or ‘Ultimate’) packages that can accommodate anywhere from 8 to 90 guests and include escape room sessions, food and beverages, cakes, party favors, a dedicated party host, and much more!
In addition, Puzzle Break also offers numerous party and team-building packages for corporate events, ranging from just the game to an all-day retreat with food and beverages. Communication and collaboration are both key to escaping the room!
The benefit of these team-building packages exercises are an increase in unity amongst your friends or co-workers; since the goals and the steps taken to achieve them are based on “fun,” they are the key to forming genuine, collaborative relationships with others.

A clue in one of Puzzle Break's challenging and fun escape rooms. Photo Credit: Puzzle Break Long Island
Puzzle Break also offers other events, such as school events, camp events, Girl Scout events and more, and if you can’t travel to the escape room, Puzzle Break can bring the escape room experience right to you instead, both in-person and virtually!
Yes, Puzzle Break has taken the escape room concept and made it mobile & virtual. Now you can enjoy the unique combination of intelligence and fun wherever you want, whether it is at a party, your school, a corporate event, or anywhere else, escape rooms can be enjoyed ‘offsite’, with a minimum of 25 players and a maximum of 500 - or even more!
“Our mobile games are very exciting! Our mobile escape rooms are adapted games that we can bring to you and set up just about anywhere,” Puzzle Break COO Justin Williams said. “It’s fantastic for general entertainment, schools, corporate events and more. Like in our regular escape rooms, the focus is working together on a challenge and having fun while doing it!”
Puzzle Break offers two amazing mobile experiences: The Grimm Escape: Mobile Edition and The Hollywoodland Mystery.
For anyone still leery about venturing out and socializing in public places while the pandemic is still making its presence felt, Williams is quick to point out that the health and safety of both players and staff are taken very seriously at all times.
“We are following all CDC/governmental guidelines and we’ve definitely intensified our safety/cleaning protocols to make sure that we’re keeping both our customers and employees safe,” Williams said. “For one, all of our games are completely private, meaning, that it will only be your group inside the room. Each room is also sanitized between each group, as are all common touch-points within the facility.”
You can read more about Puzzle Break’s protocols here: https://www.puzzlebreakli.com/reopening
Overall, Williams said that the staff and management at Puzzle Break are incredibly excited to be open and welcoming guests once again, and with each passing day, the excitement in the eyes of their customers makes all the hard work more than worth it.
“Our customers mean the world to us and we’re doing everything possible to bring them fun entertainment in a safe environment,” Williams said. “I hope that those reading this get some friends and family together, give us a chance, and support our small, community-driven business.”
To book now call 516-307-0888 or please visit www.puzzlebreakli.com.