County Approves Appraisal Process for Middle Island’s Field of Dreams Park

Written by Legislator Anker's Office  |  08. September 2016

Middle Island, NY - September 8, 2016 - At the September 7th Suffolk County General Legislature Meeting, Legislator Sarah Anker’s sponsored Introductory Resolution 1757 was unanimously approved. The legislation authorizes the county to move forward in appraising the Old Kmart property in Middle Island to be used for active parkland.

The property, located on Middle Country Road in Middle Island, has been blighted for over 15 years. Legislator Anker has facilitated an agreement with the current owners, the Town of Brookhaven and the Longwood Youth Sports Association to create a community park. The appraisal will include approximately 21 acres located on the southwest portion of the property.

“The approval of this resolution is the first exciting step toward working to revitalize a parcel that has been a community eye sore for decades,” said Legislator Anker. “A community park would offer a safe recreational place for our kids and residents to enjoy the outdoors, as well as help strengthen the local economy. It’s a win-win for both the owners of the property and the community.”

Local residents, including Middle Island Civic President Gail Baily, Longwood Youth Sports Association (LYSA) board members and Longwood School District representatives, attended the meeting and voiced their support. In addition to acquiring the active parkland portion, Legislator Anker has sponsored IR 1756 to acquire 28 acres on the northern portion of the property to preserve as open space.

“I was on the frontline in the creation of the Mt. Sinai Heritage Park and I know the formula, and believe me, it’s no secret. It will require willing partners and a lot of advocacy and hard work,” said Legislator Anker. “I’m looking forward to providing the over 3,000 boys and girls of LYSA and all residents of Suffolk County, a place to play ball and enjoy our Field of Dreams park.”

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