Cuomo Announces Push for Benefits for Electric Vehicle Owners Through Research

Through Charge NY, Governor Cuomo is calling upon researchers to help find greater benefits and incentives for drivers of electric vehicles.

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Drivers of electric vehicles (EVs) or those interested in purchasing them will soon be getting greater incentives as part of Governor Cuomo’s Charge NY plan, which will employ researchers to find ways to make electric cars easier to use.

“Under Charge NY, New York State is making significant investments to improve the development and use of electric vehicles and the necessary technology and infrastructure,” said Cuomo in a press release. “This program will focus on furthering research and innovation related to EVs, so that we can make these vehicles more affordable for New Yorkers, promote a cleaner transportation source, and make our infrastructure more efficient, while also creating jobs in the clean energy industry. As we move towards our goal of establishing a statewide network of up to 3,000 EV charging stations over the next five years, we are ensuring that New York State is prepared to welcome the next generation of environmentally-friendly vehicles on our roads.”

The program, funded by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA), will call for applications from universities, research centers, and technology-based businesses and manufacturers conducting research in EV technology to help with its plans. Examples of research ideas include researching EV charging stations and ho to reduce the electric grid demands from charging.

Cuomo says that areas of particular interest are “technologies and strategies that can integrate EVs into the electric grid, enable long-distance EV travel, and ease financial and regulatory obstacles to EV adoption.”

Currently, there are about 640 EV charging stations in New York – a long way away from the 3,000 public and workplace charging stations that Cuomo wants to see in five years.

According to Cuomo, there are over 5,000 EVs on the road in New York, most of which are privately-owned, personal vehicles.

Proposals for the Electric Vehicle-Enabling Technology Demonstration Program are due October 22.

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