Long Island Fringe Festival “5” Supports Local Non-Profits

Written by Debra Ann Kasimakis  |  04. September 2013

Hicksville, NY - September 4th, 2013 - Now entering their fifth year of festivalizing, this group of Hicksville based creatives are bringing their skills into play to help out Long Islands Not-for-Profit organizations in an entertaining way; Currently involved in a long term project with Kiwanis Foundation of Hicksville and the Hicksville Chamber of Commerce to construct a new fountain in Kennedy Memorial Park on Broadway and Jerusalem Avenue, Hicksville; the recently completed Flower Power Art in the Garden, a fundraiser for the Nassau Conservation District and The Interfaith Nutrition Network’s pantry at Martin Viette Nursery, Now organizing Moon Day for Friends of Tackapausha, Inc. “We have worked hard to bring together the diverse group of creatives that have performed at Fringe over the last 4 years”, says Fringe co-founder Bob Goida, “and to use this creativity to help out these organizations is very exciting.”

Long Island Fringe Festival “5” symbolizes what we can all do to help feel validated and take control of what we can to improve quality of life for us and all around us; Giving back to organizations that give every day. Five simple things everyone can do – Find your area of interest, volunteer your time, make donations of goods or services, share information and show support by attending events. Whether it’s becoming more “green”, improving the environment, stepping up for animal rights or volunteering at a local food bank, we hope to shine the light, once again, to raise awareness to a cause or issue.

From September 11 through to October 15 Long Island Fringe Festival brings their annual art exhibit to Tilles Center Patrons Lounge.  The theme of this year’s exhibit is of course, the art of volunteering. Focusing on the artist’s passion, whatever it may be, will bring the viewer into the diversity of the world we all try to improve; Seducing the viewer into the artist’s dreams and desirers for a better future and the hope for a loving planet. Join us at the opening of Art Under Glass at Tilles Center on September 15 and enjoy the Long Island Fringe Festival’s exhibit in the Patrons Lounge all brought to you with the help of Long Island’s own Artists Group.

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