Systemax Speeds Deliveries in Age of Amazon

Systemax's CEO says the company is taking numerous steps to better serve customers.

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The industrial supply provider says it's opening a new distribution center and doing other things to boost service and speed.

Photo by: Systemax

Industrial equipment and supply provider Systemax’s CEO says the company is in the midst of a “fundamental change” as it seeks to focus even more on service - as well as sales.

Port Washington-based Systemax CEO Barry Litwin in a conference call with analysts said the company is sharpening its “focus on the customer experience” as a priority.

“The way we operate the business is undergoing a fundamental change,” he said. “And we are already seeing the initial benefits.”

He said the company has improved service in its distribution network, increasing its rate of same-day shipping rates and reducing customer service calls “as we provide a greater end-to-end transaction transparency.”

Litwin said Systemax is “significantly enhancing the value we bring to market” by broadening our content offering and “adding product expertise to enhance the customer experience.”

A new distribution facility in Dallas is slated to begin shipping to customers early this fall. “The facility will allow us to better service customers and provide additional capacity as we invest now to support future growth,” Litwin said.

The company on August 8 hosted its Global Experience National Trade Show in Nashville, Tennessee, for more than 1,000 customers and 150 vendors exhibiting.

“We are championing a stronger customer-centric culture across every facet of our company,” Litwin said. “And becoming more relevant to our customers and sensitive to their needs.”

This is allowing us to improve the customer experience, and we are seeing the initial benefits in our operating and financial performance.