Nassau, Suffolk Elected Officials to Join Panel Discussion on “What IS Albany Doing for Long Island’s Small Businesses in 2018?”

Written by Long Island News & PR  |  24. August 2018

Long Island, NY - August 24, 2018 - Is there a “Nero fiddles while Rome burns” sentiment growing in the small business community on Long Island? Based on the increasing number of empty store fronts and vacant office buildings, that seems to be the case. 
A number of small business owners have left for greener pastures in other states because they feel lawmakers here are not working in their best interests. 
But one organization, Long Island Advancement of Small Business is seeking to change that perception by inviting elected officials from both counties to join their peers in a panel discussion where they will be questioned about how they intend to vote on issues that directly or indirectly affect small businesses. 
“It is important to keep our politicians cognizant of the state of small businesses on Long island,” says John Hill, founder and president of Long Island Advancement of Small Business (LIASB) whose mission is to provide a single voice to its members that will be heard by Local, State, and Federal political leaders.
Panel participants include: Assemblyman Michael Montesano, Assemblyman Anthony Palumbo, Senator Elaine Phillips, Senator Phillip Boyle, Senator John E. Brooks, Assemblyman Frederick Thiele, Assemblyman David McDonough and Assemblyman Andrew Raia who will be moderating the discussion. 
The panel will be asked questions such as:
  • What incentives have you proposed to keep businesses on Long Island?
  • What economic incentives have you proposed to help Long Island businesses grow?
The panel discussion is open to the public and will be held at Adelphi University Conference Center, 55 Kennedy Drive in Hauppauge on Wednesday, September 12th from 7:30am to 10:00am. A complimentary buffet breakfast will be served. Admission is free for LIASB members, $25 for online registrants and $30 at the door. All are welcome, but attendees must sign up for the event before attending.
Tickets can be purchased on the website at www.liasb.org.
Some of the media will be present to report on the event so the public will be ableto learn the responses of the panelists. For more information on Long Island Advancement of Small Business visit the above referenced website: www.liasb.org.

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