Senator Kaminsky Renews Call To Pass Double Jeopardy Loophole Bill

Written by Long Island News & PR  |  23. August 2018

Rockville Centre, NY - August 23, 2018 - Senator Todd Kaminsky released the following statement after Governor Andrew M. Cuomo said that he would sign a bill to close New York’s double jeopardy loophole in light of President Trump’s threat to pardon those involved in the Special Counsel’s investigation. 
“The idea that a president can subvert justice through the use of his pardon power sickens New Yorkers," said Senator Todd Kaminsky. “Closing the double jeopardy loophole would allow our state to preserve its right to go after violations of New York law regardless of whether a federal pardon is issued. It is common sense and basic fairness that people be held accountable for their actions, and this bill simply allows that to be the case. It is time to pass this important and timely bill.”
Background: Senator Todd Kaminsky sponsored legislation with Assemblyman Joseph Lentol to close New York’s double jeopardy loophole. Because a guilty plea in the Cohen case has already taken place, it would be too late for this law to work -- double jeopardy has already attached.

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