Horsley: LI Convention & Visitors Bureau Responds To Concerns Voiced By Economic Development Committee


Action has been taken to correct disparity in services to LICVB members.

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Lindenhurst, NY – August 20, 2013 – Deputy Presiding Officer Wayne R. Horsley, Chairman of the Economic Development and Energy Committee, reports the Long Island Convention & Visitors Bureau (LICVB) has taken action to address committee concerns over the recommendations of the Comptroller’s audit and management letter which could have resulted in termination of their contract with the County. 
The LICVB is contracted through the Economic Development and Planning Department of Suffolk County and is allocated a portion of the hotel/motel tax revenue for the promotion of tourism in Suffolk County. In the Comptroller’s audit report issued April 2013, the bureau was sharply criticized for inequitable service practices and disproportionate promotion of Suffolk County in its regional advertising campaign. 
At Horsley’s request, LICVB President Moke McGowan and Comptroller Joe Sawicki appeared before the Economic Development and Energy Committee in May. The Committee heard testimony on the audit findings and management letter. 
“The LICVB Board of Directors took swift action to revise policy regarding membership by providing equitable services to the lodging business sector, and they have responded appropriately to this portion of the audit findings,” stated Horsley. “I want to thank Comptroller Sawicki for working with the Legislature to see that Suffolk’s local economy continues to be stimulated through tourism while acting as our fiscal watchdog. I commend Mr. McGowan for his leadership, taking these initial steps to address this committee’s concerns. I have invited Mr. McGowan to appear again before the next Economic Development Committee meeting and I look forward to continued dialogue to ensure hotel/motel tax dollars are put to good use.”