Ronkonkoma Parents Protest Against Sex Offenders Checked In at the Rodeway Inn

Written by Joe Randazzo  |  16. August 2013

Ronkonkoma parents are rallying against a local hotel. They came together to speak out against Suffolk County’s decision to house convicted sex offenders near the neighborhoods their children play in at the Rodeway Inn. The parental protesters held their rally outside the Inn on Veterans Highway after getting electronic alerts that the sex offenders were in there.
Many at the rally outside the Rodeway Inn held signs that said “Give us our community back. Get the sex offenders out,” and “Protect our children. Not sex offenders." The sex offender registry website said that more than six offenders checked into the hotel. Parents weren’t happy that some of these convicted offenders, who were said to be staying at the hotel, were involved in violent crimes.
Suffolk County Officials say the offenders were put there by parole boards and the Department of Social Services for Temporary Housing. According to them the sex offenders are no longer checked in at the Rodeway Inn though. State Officials say sex offenders have to report a change in address within ten days of moving and that caused a mix-up for the rallying parents. They had all left long before the protesters stood outside the hotel.
Legislator Tom Cilmi says Suffolk County is now going to limit the number of offenders it places in hotels in order to steer away from confusion. He says the county is now speaking to parole boards in order to make sure this problem doesn’t happen again. 
The group Parents for Megan’s Law say Suffolk County's ten day law goes against the federal three day law of notifying neighborhoods that sex offenders have moved in close by. The three day law would quell any confusion like the one the parents outside the Rodeway Inn dealt with.
The New York Sex Offender Registry is the best place to see if those convicted have moved in near the places your children might be playing.
[Source: News 12]

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