Schein Expands in Scandinavia

Written by Claude Solnik  |  12. August 2019

Henry Schein has completed a major restructuring and  is continuing to acquire companies, growing its presence at home and abroad, including an expansion in Scandinavia.
Melville-based Henry Schein CEO Stanley Bergman in a recent conference call said the “2019 restructuring initiative is complete” and outlined two “strategic investments” as the company grows around the world.
“We continue to make good progress with the expansion of our product portfolio with new, internally developed solutions and others through acquisitions,” Bergman said in the call.
The company, which specializes in distributing dental and medical products to providers’ offices, just a few days ago acquired Cliniclands, which provides dentists in Sweden,
Denmark and Norway with dental products, implants, prosthetic and orthodontic solutions and equipment. 
Cliniclands’ sales for the 12 months ended March 31, 2019 were about $9.5 million,  a drop in the bucket for the multi-billion-dollar company’s revenues, but an example of geographic expansion and growth.
This came after Schein in June invested in a Hayes Handpiece franchise, a provider of dental products and services in the U.S., Canada and the United Kingdom with $11.3 million in 2018 sales. 
Bergman in an Aug. 6 phone call with analysts called Hayes’ sales and repair business “an excellent complement to our expansive dental support and services business” and “yet another value-add service opportunity for our customers to avail themselves of.”
“We are optimistic, comfortable with our dental business, with the strategy,” Bergman said, “and believe we are making very good progress on our strategic goals" in the dental and dental laboratory markets.

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